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High School Students
Explore College Life

Explore College Life

Create a favorites list, rate campus features, rank your top schools, and make a comparison grid to discover what's important to you.

Check Out Clubs

Check Out Clubs

Campus clubs and organizations are a great way to dive into something you already like in a new place, or try something new. Get involved and make new friends!

Make Connections

Make Connections

Find new friends that share your interests, can answer your questions, and remembers what it's like to be where you are now.

College Students
Give it Forward

Give it Forward

Remember going through the process of deciding on a college? Wouldn’t it have been great to talk with someone already at that school?
Be that person.

Promote Your Club or Organization

Promote Your Club

Promote your club on your school's profile. Invite existing members to connect and recruit new members who share your mission.

Campus Ambassadors

Earn by Engaging

Love your school and want to make a difference in your community? Ask your admissions office if a FriendlyU Ambassador position is available at your school.



Add colleges to your favorites list, then rate, rank, and compare features important to you at all the schools you’re thinking about. Update as often as you want!


Safely and privately communicate with others in the college community. Connect with Students, Admission, and Clubs to get answer to any questions in a one-on-one.

College Profiles

You'll find at-a-glance stats about schools your interested in on their profile. Click the Find Students button for a list of students by major to connect with, then start a conversation. Check out clubs, too.

Create your profile

Your personal profile shows the FriendlyU community what you're all about, so make it awesome. Add pins and a video to share your interests!

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