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High School Students
Explore College Life

Explore College Life

Get the inside scoop on what you should expect at the colleges you're already interested in.

Make Connections

Make Connections

Find a new friend that shares your interests, can answer your questions, and remembers what it’s like to be where you are now.

Get Answers From Students

Get Answers

Get candid info from students already there to help you make the best choice moving forward.

College Students
Give it Forward

Give it Forward

Remember going through the process of deciding on a college? Wouldn’t it have been great to talk with someone already at that school?
Be that person.

Promote Your Club or Organization

Promote Your Club

Reach a targeted segment of incoming students to help recruit new members and share your mission.

Join the Beta

Campus Ambassadors

Earn by Engaging

Love your school and want to make a difference in your community? Apply to UCrew to spread the word and earn some money while doing it.

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So what exactly can FriendlyU do?

Find Students

On college profiles, click the Find Students button for a list of students by major to connect with, then start a conversation.


A private chat feature that allows you to safely and privately communicate with other students in the community.


Bookmark colleges and clubs you're interested in for easy reference.


Your personal profile let's you share your school and bio with the FriendlyU community. Add pins to share your interests!

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What makes you, U?

Express yourself with your profile.

Add pins to share your interests with the FriendlyU community. Use profiles as a talking point when meeting someone new.

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Always free for students.

Available on web, iPhone, and Android.

Our app lets you start conversations for real talk and real answers with students already where you want to be.

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