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Make FriendlyU Your Advantage

Our mission is aligned with yours – to connect with more candidates that will thrive in your academic community. We enhance your recruitment efforts by leveraging existing students and increasing outreach options that engage candidates at multiple points in their journey. The analytics we deliver go beyond basic user stats. They dive deep into student response to your campus and competition.

A look inside FriendlyU

We support three kinds of profiles:
Colleges, Students, and Clubs.



Your profile is where the FriendlyU community come to learn more about your college. It includes students by major, clubs and organizations, at-a-glance stats, and contact information.



Students create and populate their personal profile with school information, profile picture, and an about me section. They can add pins to share their interests which helps them find like-minded
new friends.



You invite student clubs and organizations to create a profile with their mission, events, members, and photos. Our search feature and pins allows clubs to reach interested incoming students to join.

Manage your College's Information

Through our portal you can manage content on your school's profile. Quick and easy to use, our free version let's you customize your school's profile picture, update acceptance rates and scores, and see the entire roster of students that attend your college. 

Assign a Student Ambassador for a Branded Message

Anyone from your college can create a profile, but you know which students would represent your campus with the most enthusiasm and school spirit. They are already giving tours, organizing events, and creating initiatives. They love your school and call it home. Influence your message by assigning a purple shield Ambassador and give high school students a vetted choice.

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